I love Glee Cast & Lea Michele with all my heart. Lea Michele is my inspiration.

“She believed in love. She believed love could heal, fix, mend, and make everything fine and good in the end…and it did. She left us with peace and serenity, and her passage was almost devoid, of any pain.” Sean Hepburn Ferrer. 

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blaine anderson + rachel berry

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Favorite Rachel’s outfits in season 4.

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Lea + Barbra Streisand

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“I’m really proud of who I am.” - Lea Michele

“I’m really proud of who I am.” - Lea Michele

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When I first heard those references used towards me, I found it incredibly hurtful. I’m a girl who knows what she wants. I am outspoken. I am strong and I think that sometimes a strong woman with an opinion is called a diva. If a man is strong and opinionated, he’s considered powerful, but if you’re a woman, it’s regarded negatively.


“If anything’s going on in our lives, we have each other. One time, I was having a bad day, and I called Chris Colfer. He came over with a pint of ice cream and Madea Goes to Jail, and it was, like, the best night of my life.”- Lea MIchele

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